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A long list of satisfied clients made us proud and confident to offer more rubost services and successful products. we made it easy for many business owners so we understand your needs.

Consultation Consultation
This service is provided to our clients (who have already implemented ALMOTAKAMEL ERP)  when they start a new business or have expansions /changes in their work and need the expertise of our consultants to give advice on the best practices for their business
Technical Support Technical Support
This service is provided to our clients who have implemented ALMOTAKAMEL ERP to overcome any obstacles they may encounter during work. Technical support is provided to users whether online or at the client site when needed. the service also includes providing the Technical support that may be needed to integrate with electronic balances, production machines, Visa payment devices, or other specialized devices and applications needed to be integrated with ALMOTAKAMEL ERP.
Custumization Custumization

This service is provided to customers when their activity has a special case and they need to make some modifications or customizations for some ready-made systems of ALMOTAKAMEL ERP for example, adding fields in the customer order form in the ceramic selling activity to write square meters of the location and the system makes equations to determine the number of cartons suitable for the location  (to avoid selling a fraction of carton) and then the  square meters adjusted to calculate the selling price of ceramics based on the adjusted number of meters and so on in other activities
 can review customer success stories to identify some details.

Tailored Applications Tailored Applications
This service is provided for special businesses when their functions are not covered by any ready-made ERP, such as ready-mixed concrete activity, gas cylinder distribution activity, and aluminum extrusion activity.
Implementation and Training Implementation and Training

The most important feature of this service is providing consultations to improve the documentation cycle and business control.

The training plan consists of 4 stages

The first stage is analyzing the current situation of the work and identifying the most important problems facing him in his current system, such as control issues, double work, the inclusion of all the company's operations into one system, the flow of information between departments, reports needed by each department and senior management.

The second stage is providing suggested solutions, appropriate setup of the ALMOTAKEL ERP, the best coding system for the master files, and uploading the master files to the system such as Item Codes, customer codes, chart of account, B.O.M, and other master files.

The third stage is the training for all departments to use ALMOTAKAMEL ERP  according to the role of each employee and department, whether the method of data entry or usage of reports and analytics to benefit from them in making appropriate decisions

The fourth stage during this stage, actual data is entered for at least a month, and matching the  results with the company's team to go live  

Free upgrades Free upgrades

One of the distinctive services that are provided to the clients of ALMOTAKAMEL ERP is the annual releases available for free to ensure that the client keeps up with the continuous developments of ALMOTAKAMEL ERP.

This service caused many of our clients to use ALMOTAKAMEL ERP for more than 20 years which means a high Return on investment. You can review some of those clients via our YouTube channel

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