Success Stories


The integration with production lines in BETTER MIX Precast Concrete

Client activity: Precast Concrete Factories.

Client location: Egypt.

The customer's challenge: The integration between Al Motakamel ERP with the production lines of the central precast concrete stations because se the problem of the customer is that the production workers enter the work orders based on the sales orders sent to them in Al Motakamel ERP, then the finished products produced, the raw materials used and the daily working hours of each order are manually entered into Al Motakamel ERP, and this leads to poor control and inaccurate data as a result of the human error factor in the input process.

The solution provided: The integration between Al Motakamel ERP and the precast concrete manufacturing machines was studied and analyzed. The integration process was designed and implemented successfully. Currently, job orders are sent from Al Motakamel ERP to the production machines automatically. daily operational data is also received such as actual quantities of materials used, the actual daily production quantities, and real production hours from the production machines to Al Motakamel ERP, which helped to reduce the time, effort, and cost previously used and obtain accurate reports on the daily production operations inside plants in addition to increasing control.

The success story of LORD Perfume Trading Company

Client activity: Perfumes.

Client location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The customer's challenges: The customer has a unique selling method, which is that he sells two types of packages, the first package has 3 perfumes, two of them are 100 ml, the other is 50 ml, and its price is unified, regardless of the type of the perfumes inside, and the customer can choose any kinds of perfumes at the same price, the other package has 5 perfumes, three of them are 100 ml the other two are 50 ml, the package has a different price than the first package, but it is unified also. 

The problem facing the client: The client wants to make control the perfumes bottles according to the package type to ensure that the volume of perfume bottles, whether 100 ml or 50 ml, does not exceed the specified number according to what the package allows, with linking the content of the package to the stock balance of perfume packages.

The solution that was designed: In the POS invoice screen, the type of Package 3 or 5 is selected by the users, and control is made on the perfume volumes according to the type of package selected and the store balance to become accurate with the inability to save if the packages inside the box are different from the allowed package size.

The success story of Global Phone Mobile Trading Company

Client activity: Wholesale and retail sales (through points of sales) in addition to a company owned by the same owner in cosmetics activity.

Client location: Sultanate of Oman.

The customer's challenge: Applying a unified program for various activities between the wholesale and retail sale of mobile phones and cosmetics, also using a unified program to facilitate control by the unified financial management of all activities and reduce the cost of operating programs.

The problem of the customer: The customer had a credit limit system for wholesale trade in the activity of selling mobile phones, but the credit limit of the customer is divided based on the brand and not a unified credit limit for each customer, meaning that the customer has a credit limit of Samsung products that differ from the credit limit of Apple products, and so on.

The solution that was presented: Activating the feature of Al Motakamel ERP for multiple credit limits for each customer and linking it with product code related to each brand's credit. This link prevents the possibility of manipulation when making invoices by switching between credit limits to pass the customer's invoice.

The success story of Al Noor Optics factory

Client activity: Medical lenses production factory.

Client location: Alexandria - Egypt.

The client's challenge: The activity has a special nature in terms of the method of registering customer requests because of the presence of medical details related to vision corrective lenses, as well as in terms of following up the production stages and monitoring them.

The problem of the client: Registration of medical specifications needs accuracy and speed when registering the customer's order due to the nature of the lenses, which differ by the location of the lens from the eye, for example, the measurements of the right lens differ from the measurements of the left lens, the second problem, the stages of lens production are consecutive within one production line, and the managers need to follow up the start /end accurately to control deviations that may occur at the production period to find out at which stage the delay was made and control the downtime if it happens pauses between different stages of production, our customer wishes to track the time between the end of production and the time of delivery to his customer in order to avoid a slowdown in delivery to the customer.

The solution that was implemented: Designing a screen to follow up the production of the job order by linking it to the customer's order, where the barcode is relied on so that everyone responsible for a production stage makes a reading of the job order barcode at the beginning /ending of the stage then the program records the time and date at this moment, and the total time it takes to produce the job order (customer's order).

The success story of Riyadh Foundry Group (Castings Factory, Aluminum Factory, and Trading Company)

Company activity: A factory for the production of castings, an aluminum factory, and a trading company.

Client location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The customer's challenge: The castings factory produces a standard product and uses a B.O.M for each product, while the Aluminum Factory does not have a standard product or a B.O.M and wants to apply one ERP for the factories in addition to a commercial company it owns.

The problem facing the client: Calculating the cost of products in the Aluminum Factory and calculating deviations in the issuing of raw materials, if any, at the same time calculating the cost of typical products for the castings factory using a unified ERP to facilitate management control and the design of financial statements for each factory in addition to the financial statements for the group.

The solution provided: Registration of B.O.M for the castings company with the registration of production routes for each product, as for the Aluminum Factory, a feature has been activated in Al Motakamel ERP, which is the design of product assay in order to determine the initial cost for raw materials, as well as expenses which based on it, the selling price is determined, accordingly, a price offer is submitted to the customer after determining the required profit margin, then a job order is made for the Aluminum Factory and when issuing raw materials from stores or receiving the finished product in stores, specify the work order number on the warehouse documents, which facilitates the calculation of the actual cost, as well as the calculation of deviations compared to the product assay based.

The success story of the Gas Plant

Client activity: Liquefied Gas Factory 

Client location: Cairo – Egypt.

The customer's challenge: The factory produces liquefied gas and carries out the filling process in the form of cylinders to be delivered on distribution trips to deliver customer orders on a daily basis, as manual work management leads to the loss of important details and control in manufacturing and distribution procedures, Al Motakamel ERP has been implemented to meet the customer's challenges.

The solution that was provided: The work cycle of the liquefied gas factory was studied, analyzed, and a tailored system was designed to manage manufacturing and distribution trips, which supports the provisions of the control process and controls all work procedures inside and outside the factory.

The success story of Alrajhi Industrial Group

Client activity: A group of different factories (3 factories for the production of sponges, a plastic factory, a polyester factory, a factory for mineral water production, a paper factory, and a factory for the production of building materials)

Client location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The customer's challenge: The management of the group decided to work by using a unified ERP in financial, production, and personnel affairs management to facilitate obtaining unified reports for all activities and facilitate the control of various activities and reduce the cost of ERPs systems for one ERP.

The problem facing the customer: Various industrial activities that have different working methods and production stages, in addition to the way of selling is completely different between factories according to the nature of the activity, especially the way of selling the water factory, which depends on sales representatives who have cars for sale, which needs a mobile application to monitor the loading of cars and others tasks.

The solution that was provided: Al Motakamel ERP for financial systems, production control system, manufacturing costs system, payroll system, and human resources were implemented, in addition to the mobile application of sales representatives at the water factory, which works in full integration with the sales system. also, a multicompanies feature was activated in Al Motakamel ERP to create a different path for each factory, and therefore different settings and different work cycles, and the consolidation system of Al Motakamel ERP was implemented to create consolidated financial statements for the group.