General Ledger

General Ledger

General Ledger System:

  • Code in the chart of accounts and chart of cost centers consisting of fifteen digits with an unlimited number of levels.
  • The possibility of preventing entering manual accounting entries (settlement entries) for specific accounts such as treasury and warehouse accounts (to tighten control).
  • Multiple companies (up to 999 companies) multiple branches (up to 99 branches per company).
  • Multiple fiscal years (up to 99 years for each company) and multiple fiscal periods (up to 13 periods for each year) with the possibility of closing any financial period.
  • Multi currencies with the possibility of changing the currency exchange rate on the date of the transaction.
  • Multi-user with multi-level of privileges system.
  • Defining users' privileges to enter transactions to some accounts and treasuries.
  • The system allows multiple subsidiary journals and generates journals' total and analytical reports.
  • The system allows entering estimated budgets at the level of accounts and cost centers divided into all financial periods and in different currencies and comparing them with actual balances.
  • The possibility of linking accounts to specific cost centers to prevent human errors when recording daily entries.
  • Linking some accounts with rates for the cost centers to be automatically allocated the value to a group of cost centers linked to the account at specific rates.
  • The possibility of analyzing accounts in accounting entries on cost centers, budget items, a legal person, or projects.
  • Calculating currency differences and creating currency revaluation settlement entries automatically.
  • The system allows generating Financial Statements (Income Statement, Financial Position Statement, Industrial Cost Statement, and Cash flow Statement) at any time of the year without the need to enter closing entries.
  • Full integration with all sub-systems (such as Inventory Control System, Accounts Receivables System, Accounts Payables System, Fixed Assets System, Payroll System, Production Control System, and Production Costing System…).
  • following-up system for the issued letters of guarantee.
  • All details of financial transactions related to the treasury, banks, and cheques are processed by the system.

Some of the General Ledger System Reports:

  • Accounts balance report.
  • Daily accounting entries report.
  • General journal report.
  • American journal report.
  • Subsidiary journals (Total and analytical) reports.
  • Trial balance with totals report.
  • Trial balance with balances report.
  • Trial balance with totals and balances report.
  • Subsidiary ledger report.
  • General ledger report.
  • Annual accounts analytical report.
  • Estimated budget deviations report.
  • Estimated budget at the level of cost center deviations report.
  • Comparison report between the current balances with the balances of the previous year and the estimated budget balances.
  • Analysis of cost centers on accounts and accounts on cost centers Reports.
  • Cost centers subsidiary ledger report.
  • Cost centers profitability report.
  • Report on follow-up letters of guarantee.
  • Financial statements (Income Statement - Financial Position Statement - Industrial Cost Statement - Cash flow Statement).